Congratulations to the ASC Region 6 & 7 Competitors!

ASC Recruiting Event

Willmeng’s reputation as one of Arizona’s most reliable and quality general contracting firms is a direct result of our team and our commitment to hiring only the best.

About the Event

Willmeng is honored to be a part of the ASC competition this year! Congratulations and good luck to you! Please stop by our booth to meet our team on Saturday. There is a chance to win a tour of Willmeng and have lunch with our leadership team. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your journey in this industry.

Our Values

Genuine Place of Purpose

Willmeng places nothing more important to the organizational health of the company than their overall focus on culture. By bringing different personalities together and embracing their individual contributions, the culture is rich, strong and uniquely different. With a true family feel and the opportunity to participate in building a genuine place of purpose for clients and employees, Willmeng has the distinct advantage of something exceptional and special in the culture.



Our foundation is built upon the authentic, selfless concern we share for the success and wellbeing of others.

Fair 360

FAIR 360

We illuminate with kindness by seeking to understand before being understood and by caring more than may seem reasonable so we can achieve genuine success for all.



The blueprint that guides the creation of a genuine place of purpose expresses the clarity of our vision, the rigor of our thought and the character of our word.



We present no facades, only genuine elevations of truth, trust, and wholehearted loyalty to the employees we mentor, the clients we serve and the communities we call home.



Our structural integrity is ensured through the balance of resourcefulness, responsiveness, and adaptability and strengthened by being well-rounded in the market to serve at the highest levels.


At The Event

Our strategic vision focuses on three fundamental aspects: supporting prelease transactions; maintaining our ability to competitively bid projects small and large, and fostering the “altruistic service” corporate culture established by recruiting highly talented individuals of great character. Meet the leadership team that helps make this happen.

David Blickenderfer, a man in a black suit and white shirt.

David Blickenderfer​

Market Leader

Tom Fyffe, a man in a suit, standing in front of a stone wall.

Tom Fyffe

Project Executive

Alex Anstey, a bald man, dressed in a suit, poses confidently in front of the vibrant green wall.

Alex Anstey

Senior Project Manager

A young man in a blue shirt, Devon Colonis, standing in front of trees.

Devon Colonis

Assistant Project Manager

A man in a suit, Pat Baldwin, standing in front of an ivy wall.

Pat Baldwin

Operations Manager

Pablo Sandoval smiling in front of a wooden wall.

Pablo Sandoval

Operations Manager

Kat Nejdl, a woman in a black blazer, standing in front of an ivy covered wall.

Kat Nejdl

Director of Talent Acquisition

Melek Holland, a man in a suit, is smiling in front of a green wall.

Melek Holland

Campus Recruiting Specialist

Jenny Walters, a smiling woman wearing a pink shirt and turquoise necklace.

Jenny Walters

Talent Acquisition

Miranda Martinovich

Learning & Development Specialist

Two people in hard hats looking at blueprints at the ASC Recruiting Event 2.

Job Opportunities

Work at Willmeng

Our employees stay with the company because want to build a genuine career in a caring and challenging environment where they can shine, and maybe even surprise themselves with what they can achieve.

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