Construction Safety Week 2021

Safety Week 2021
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“When we think about safety in the construction industry, we first think about things like PPE, equipment inspections and the important policies and protocols we have in place to protect our workers from any dangers or on-site injuries.

But what about the things we can’t see? The outside stresses and distractions that can take us out of our element, interfere with our focus and awareness and impact everything from our decision-making abilities to our reaction times.

Our jobs are both physically and mentally demanding—safety extends beyond gloves, glasses and harnesses, beyond just an item on a checklist. We know that the risks are real across our industry, and in every aspect of our work. Our focus and the choices we make every day have real consequences for everyone around us. So when it comes to creating a safe and productive work environment, it’s critically important that we are both physically and mentally present as individuals and as an entire team. Struggles with anxiety, depression or stress, family tension, financial concerns, unresolved arguments or frustrations, can all lead to distraction, miscommunication and unpreparedness, all primary causes of workplace incidents.

Our commitment to staying safe and focused on the job is a point of pride and strength that runs across our entire industry. In order to ensure holistic safety, we must strive to create both a physically and mentally safe environment, and make every aspect of our wellbeing part of our safety culture and programs. It’s important that we are alert, observant and always have each other’s backs, regularly asking, how focused are we? How effectively are we communicating? Do we notice a team member struggling? How can we help?

We must prioritize both physical and psychological safety in the workplace, and how together, they play an important role in our relationships with our team members and with our ability to bring our safest, most productive, best selves to work every day.”

By Construction Safety Week

Willmeng Safety Week 2021 Recap

Using many of Willmeng’s developed safety materials, in conjunction with the materials provided by Construction Safety Week, Willmeng offered a robust program that kept the focus on a holistic approach to safety. In addition to it being Construction Safety Week, May 3 – 7 was OSHA’s  National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction Week, which Willmeng also had the opportunity to participate in.

Each morning a toolbox talk for field and office staff was held virtually for anyone in the company to attend. Team members from all departments gathered for a quick discussion around each day’s focus. In addition, these same topics were used to lead in-person discussions on the job-sites each day.

Monday, May 3rd – Be Present, Be Focused

Tuesday, May 4th – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Wednesday, May 5th – Be Relentless

Thursday, May 6th – Be Safe, Be Well Rested

Friday, May 7th – Thank You

Willmeng also held a number of safety stand-downs with trade partners and project teams out in the field throughout the week.

Safety Week Events:

CAZ 6 Project: Job-wide safety stand-down involving over 120 tradespeople.

Northrop Grumman Expansion Project: Fall protection stand-down for the site foreman and superintendents. Willmeng leadership team members conducted a safety job-walk at this project.

Carver Demo Project: Leadership safety walk was conducted.

Surprise Fire Station No. 308: Fall protection seminar and a job-wide stand down took place.

The Common Project: Taco lunch was provided for trade partners and the Willmeng team led safety trivia where prizes were given out.

“Safety Week 2021 was a great success. We are so appreciative of everyone who participated in a wide variety of ways this year,” said John Bingham, Safety Director. “I’m so thankful to see that the construction industry has started to consider just how important mental wellness is to everyone in the industry – but especially to those out in the field that construct all of these great projects. I learned a lot this week about people and even about myself.”

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