Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital


Mesa, AZ


Goodwyn Mills & Cawood, Inc


4,600 SF


The Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital Renovation project consisted of modifying medical gas, pressure and non-pressure plumbing systems, enlarging the decontamination area, surgical center, and other spaces within an occupied medical building. All work took place directly across the hallway from four active operating rooms. Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) measures were implemented to maintain the sterile integrity of the operating rooms. Almost all of this work was performed at night and on weekends.

We were able to maintain the schedule as originally developed, based on this flexibility, as described by James Varley, the hospital’s Director of Operations: “I know that we were extremely high maintenance as a result of clinical leadership within our facility that would often make late changes as well as implement constant modification of ICRA plans. (You were) able to consistently bring solutions and peace of mind to all attending the weekly progress meetings, and keep the job moving on pace.”

“It is with much enthusiasm that I will recommend Willmeng Construction, Inc. to anyone that may inquire, as we are extremely pleased with not only the quality of your work but the attention to detail throughout the process. The SPD remodeling project for which you had contracted with us had many technical facets to it that you were able to breeze through. Additionally, you had committed that we would be able to stay up and running throughout the process, and not have to cancel any cases. You delivered on that promise, as we didn’t experience any downtime.”– James Varley, AZ Spine & Joint Hospital

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