Aspen Dental


Chandler, AZ 85286


Evolution Design


45,396 SF


Willmeng completed a new state-of-the-art Scheduling Center for Aspen Dental, a dental support organization which provides business and administrative services for their numerous dental facilities throughout the United States. This specific project consisted of a 2-level interior buildout and totaled approximately 45,000 SF. Given the number of agents who will occupy the building, the team focused on providing high-quality acoustical levels that will help better serve their clients, this was done with floating acoustical ceiling clouds. The open floor plan and unique focus on the dental practice creates a very enjoyable atmosphere for Aspen Dental agents. Along with the open floor plan, the design team was able to incorporate collaborative areas to promote teamwork. The training area on the 2nd floor provides another great gathering space for employees to engage and understand the newest information available. Overall project duration was approximately 4 months.

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