ASU Alumni Lawn


425 E University Dr Tempe, AZ


Arizona State University


Norris Design


2.7 Acres
Education, Parks & Recreation


The ASU Alumni Law Project is transforming the open space surrounding Arizona State University’s Old Main building. The new design opens visibility to Old Main and the Kachina Fountain from University Dive while preserving ASU’s history. The space serves as an entrance to the campus and a recreation space for students and members of the ASU community. The work on this project occurs between three monumental buildings and amidst the heavily trafficked campus, and Willmeng works to mitigate any potential impacts.  

The project includes the removal and salvage of existing pavers, as well as the installation of new pavers, resulting in nearly 26,000 SF of pavers. The project also requires that the Willmeng team regrade the existing site and install updated irrigation systems and sidewalks across the Lawn. Finally, the project included the installation of a new monument sign, new palm trees, and new infrastructure for vehicular, pedestrian, and bike traffic across the Lawn. The project also features an inclusive playground area, multi-use pathway, 13,000 SF irrigation pond, and 1,700 SF restroom facility so athletes and viewers alike can enjoy the park. In addition, there are 210,000 SF of parking and roadways to make the park easily accessible. 

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