ASU Dreamscape


Tempe, AZ 85281


RSP Architects


9,620 SF


Dreamscape was four projects under the same task order. The first was the VR Pod area that allows users to wear Virtual Reality gear and enter an area where they can move around in virtual environments selected for the exercise. The second was a space referred to as the Collab space, where users can come together to collaborate on a variety of projects and topics. The third was the Media Tech space, which is essentially a studio/lab space for the Arizona State University videography teams who document numerous activities around the ASU campus. Lastly, there is the Black Box Studio that has a stage and lighting for video productions of performances and other campus activities.

Computer scientists created Dreamscape in 2016 by combining the motion-capture techniques used in films with computer programming to produce a platform that can track people in real-time and generate avatars in a virtual world. To experience Dreamscape, users don Virtual Reality headsets, backpacks, and hand and foot trackers and enter one of two VR Pods. Each of the pods is a room-size “black box” that amplifies the Virtual Reality experience with haptic sensations such as a shaking floor and a blowing wind. Each of the pods accommodate 12 learners.

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