Hot Pepper Yoga


Mesa, AZ


HJH Architects


3,555 SF
Hospitality, Retail


For this design/build project, Willmeng constructed a large hot yoga studio, an unheated yoga studio, a juice bar with seating area, retail and gathering areas, private offices, restrooms with shower facilities, and a mechanical/storage/work room area. The hot yoga studio portion of the project is heated using a modulating gas-fired furnace incorporating fresh, outside air. Separate humidification equipment injects controlled, steam humidity into the air supply. The air supply is purified with the use of ultraviolet light. All walls and ceiling are 10″ thick with 10″ of insulation. All wall and ceiling surfaces are moisture resistant, painted with epoxy paint. “Big Ass” ceiling fans provide ambience and additional air circulation. All lighting is cove recessed with multiple circuits and rheostat control. The flooring is a low VOC material particularly designed for high performance in a hot yoga studio. There are granite counters in the juice bar area and restrooms. Other than the two yoga studios, floors are a stained concrete finish; two Hot Pepper Yoga logos are featured within the stained floors. High, open, painted ceilings in the retail and juice bar areas, along with suspended drywall “clouds” create inspiring gathering spaces. The project was designed and constructed on an accelerated schedule to achieve a targeted grand opening date.

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