Portales Corporate Center Renovations


4900 N. Scottsdale Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85251


Forum Capital




40,000 SF


This tenant improvement and renovation included a new amenity center for the corporate center associate use, with a new tenant corridor. The amenity center lunchroom socialization space now provides an enlarged kitchen/meal prep area, various different seating options for meals and socialization, and a storage area. The existing exterior corridor received a refresh with new finishes and light fixtures. It is a collaborative space where the tenants host anything from team-building parties to meet and greet events with prospective clients. Much of the exterior work was tremendously challenging because the contractor was required to build off of the parking structure. Willmeng also put in canopies between the two buildings to unify the two spaces and make use of that space for an outdoor eating area and coffee shop overlooking the apartments.

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