Sun Valley Academy Avondale


1515 N. 117th Ave. Avondale, AZ 85392


Morrison Education Group, Inc.


Carhuff + Cueva Architects, LLC


58,142 SF
Campus, Education


Situated on 8.2 acres, Sun Valley Academy Avondale consists of classrooms and support spaces, administrative offices, a multipurpose room, a warming kitchen, and a gymnasium with a stage. The surrounding site includes a basketball court, two playgrounds, and a combination football and soccer field. The parking lot is unique for its use of queue lanes in which drivers line up to drop off or pick up students, bringing order to an often chaotic process.

Willmeng oversaw the construction of additional classrooms at the Phoenix location but the Sun Valley Academy Avondale Project is the first ground-up school Willmeng built for the Morrison Education Group. When asked what value options we brought to the school, proposed Sr. Project Manager Jason Alvarado responded, “We did a lot. We brought our client little nuggets here and there.” Among those “nuggets” was trimming the tonnage of select air conditioning units from five tons to four tons for a savings of $17,000. Changing from hollow metal door frames to knockdown timely door frames brought a further $14,450 in savings. Alvarado and his team delivered the school on budget and two weeks ahead of schedule.”

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