Sun Valley Academy Phoenix


2675 W. Baseline Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85041


Morrison Education Group, Inc.


Carhuff + Cueva Architects, LLC


5,974 SF


The Sun Valley Academy Project added 5,974 SF of classrooms and offices to an active, occupied school serving grades K–8. Willmeng built the addition in the open area of an existing horseshoe-shaped, one-story building, erecting an exterior masonry wall to “close the horseshoe.” The interior walls are tied into the existing building with wood ledgers to carry the trusses. The addition houses five classrooms, five offices, two hallways, a janitorial room, an electrical room, and a drinking fountain with associated plumbing. Site work includes a parking lot with thirty-four spaces, a re-paved fire lane, paint striping, three light poles, two water retention areas, sidewalks, curbs, irrigation, and landscaping. Additional site work, quickly completed over a one-week winter break, includes relocated light poles, removal of landscape islands, re-routed irrigation, and miscellaneous re-paving. Working the occasional weekend, our team completed the project on-time and within budget.

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