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Keyvan Ghahreman Executive Team

Q&A: Keyvan Ghahreman

As Willmeng’s director of client and pre-construction services, Keyvan Ghahreman works to further develop and deliver client service strategies as the company and it’s project ...
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Keith Sabia Executive Team

Q&A: Keith Sabia

Keith Sabia is a Principal-In-Charge at Willmeng. He brings the experience of delivering hundreds of public and private development projects on time and within budget ...
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Cody Phelan Cody Phelan

Q&A: Cody Phelan

What professional accomplishment gives you the most pride and what makes it so rewarding? Strategically working through a project and realizing the end result as ...
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Mike Executive Team

Q&A: Mike Mongelli

Growing up, what did you aspire to be? I’ve always been passionate about construction and design. Growing up, I did woodwork, metal work and built ...
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ISAM GHANDOUR Executive Team

Q&A with Isam Ghandour

What is the best advice you ever received? My first mentor, Darryl Lincoln, told me, “take care of others and they will take care of ...
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Thomas Jarvis Executive Team

Q&A with Thomas “TJ” Jarvis

What is the best advice you ever received? You can not change the past or control the future, so focus in the moment. Growing up, ...
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