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Internships at Willmeng

When you join Willmeng as an intern, you become a true member of our team. We welcome interns in all our departments – from working alongside our field teams on diverse projects to being immersed in preconstruction in the Estimating department to helping the People Operations team create our unmatched employee experience and more, opportunities abound at Willmeng. We look forward to helping you build your genuine place of purpose here at the largest privately-owned general contractor in Arizona!

“[My experience at Willmeng] helped me understand more about my strengths and weaknesses and how I can use them to become a successful professional.”

– Varun (Estimating Intern and Project Engineer Intern)

Where We Are Going

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College Outreach/Teaching

Here at Willmeng, our leaders understand the value of education. Our CEO and CMO are currently professors at Arizona State. Our employees have graduated from many respected institutions and look to give back to those schools every year in the form of teaching, community outreach, and internship opportunities. The current construction students are the future construction professionals, and we believe in developing young professionals to one day become those same leaders giving back to the community.

Intern TWA and The Willmeng Experience

Understanding you are both a student and a professional, our intern program will provide you with opportunities intended to foster your academic and career development. Specifically designed for our summer intern class, Intern TWA (The Willmeng Academy) will expose you to “Willmeng’s take” on all facets of the construction industry. Each intern will have the chance to experience Willmeng’s culture, participate in company events, and see first-hand the level of service we provide to our clients and community. We guarantee you will go home each day thinking, “Something’s different about this place!”

“The Willmeng Academy for Interns has helped me understand the importance of a healthy company environment. Willmeng creates a healthy and understanding work environment for everyone.”

– Natraj (Estimating Intern)

The Field Experience

Our operations interns will each be assigned to a job site and join a project team of Superintendents, Project Managers, Safety personnel, and others. You will work closely with them, learning their roles and assisting in their tasks. Each day you will be enveloped in both the fun and challenges of the construction industry and see that every task – no matter how big or small – plays an important part in jobsite function. But in case you were wondering – this does not mean you’ll be picking up coffee and donuts every day!

What You Can Look Forward to Being Full Time

Our hope is that all our interns will find their Genuine Place of Purpose here and join us as full-time employees after graduation. At Willmeng, we pride ourselves in caring more than seems reasonable for the whole person and place a high importance on both personal and professional development for all employees – just wait until you learn what a Personal Development Plan is! We hope the taste of Willmeng you experience as an intern will leave you wanting to join our team for years to come.

“Willmeng is ‘a company that cares’. Most companies focus on employees at work only. Willmeng, on the other hand, focuses on employees as a whole person.”

– Aubrey (Human Resources Intern)

College Outreach/Teaching

Here at Willmeng, our leaders know first-hand the value of education. Our CEO and CMO are currently professors at Arizona State University, and our employees have graduated from many respected institutions. We gladly give back to these schools every year in the form of teaching, community outreach, and internship opportunities with the goal of helping develop future leaders in construction.

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