Q&A: Life as a Willmeng Intern

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_images_carousel images=”37418,37419″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Just before school started in August, we sat down with our summer interns from the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University to chat about their experience and how much they have grown. Although three of them will continue their interships into the semester, they had a great deal of insight to share about their experience thus far. In this Q&A, learn what it means to be an intern at our Best Place to Work company:   

Did the internship match your expectations?

“When I started my internship, I figured I would be sitting in a back corner somewhere doing small things, but I was given so much opportunity to expand into just about every aspect of the company. I never feel like an intern. I feel like a full-time, busy employee that is really part of it all.” – Craig Waymire

“Originally the thought was to get experience, complete the internship and move on. After being at Willmeng and seeing the enjoyment that the employees have here, I definitely look at Willmeng as a company that I would like to work for long-term. This is a company that you want to retire with…  once you’re here, you feel like this is where you want to be. It is strange to hear about people leaving Willmeng because it is so hard to leave.” – Ryan Leon

How would you describe Willmeng’s culture?

“It’s like family. My wife and I are expecting, and I’ve been asked what day would be good for a baby shower. I’ve never worked for a company that’s done anything like that or been so thoughtful.” – Leon

“Willmeng’s culture is very family-oriented, respectful, fair and high-performing.” – Waymire

“Very tight-knit. I once worked for a construction company in India that employed 10,000 people. The problem was that no one knew anyone! The first thing that I liked about Willmeng was that when I started, they asked me for my details and sent an email to everyone telling them that I was coming. I liked that because everyone knew who I was and were always willing to help me. – Ravi Pinnamareddy

What projects did you work on?

“With Cody’s oversight, I was allowed to be the acting project manager for a small tropical snow project that we did to help out the community, and that was really exciting.” – Waymire

“The experience here is hands-on. I worked on a project called Hudamaki, a tenant improvement that needed a lot of work when I got there. Seeing the transformation over a four-month period was amazing. There were many challenges, which prepared for me for my next project, a ground-up in Chandler. I know a heck of lot more now than I did then.” – Phil Amezquita

Describe mentorship at Willmeng.

“My mentor is Don Gleash. He lets me do the work, and although Don is the superintendent, if I can help, calls are directed at me, which is nice because it means that the team believes in me, my experience and knowledge. I’ve also learned so much just from observing because he knows how to handle situations.” – Pinnamareddy

“In the past year I have worked a lot with Cody, Dean & Tom. Cody is passionate about getting things right and having perfection. He knows what the client expects and then exceeds it, and has instilled that in me. Tom has taught me to pay attention to things that are coming up and to plan ahead so that I’m more prepared when the time comes.” – Waymire

What are your thoughts on the company retreat?

“As an intern, you initially kind of assume that you won’t be included in activities like the annual retreat, but if you ask anyone about it they all say without a doubt ‘oh yeah, you will definitely be there, you will see how fun it is.’ Willmeng is incredibly inclusive.” – Leon

“I remember getting an email inviting my wife and me to a company retreat two months after I started, and I thought it was a mistake. I asked about it and they said they really wanted me there. We had a great time – some of my favorite Willmeng memories have been made at the retreats. Working at Willmeng means getting another family and a ton of experience.” – Waymire

What is your favorite memory from your internship experience?

“My favorite memory was at this year’s midyear retreat. July 22nd was my birthday. Everyone sang and wished me well, and that was one of the best birthdays. That day was memorable because I was away from my real family, but the team was treating me like family and it was very nice.” – Pinnamareddy

If the comments from our current interns have inspired you to submit an application, head to our careers page.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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